Other Services

Did you know that Yellow Horse Media offers other services besides videos!

 We recognize that you may not need our full video production services.

 Maybe you already have raw video footage and just need someone to edit it together to create a final, polished product.

 Or maybe you are interested in creating your own videos but need some coaching. Yellow Horse Media offers video consulting services to help you

  • Create your own live-action videos
  • Create your own animated videos using Vyond and Camtasia
  • Create your own internal video library


We offer a free initial 30-minute consultation to determine the scope of your needs.



We provide a variety of event videography and photography services, such as

  • Fundraising events
  • Conferences
  • Celebrations
  • Parades
You can get more information and view our pictures on our photography website event’s page at bblackburnphotography.com

Looking for a professional photographer?

 Bill Blackburn has been in the photography industry since 2008. We provide such photography services as:

  • Senior portraits
  • Family portraits
  • Professional headshots
  • Cosplay portraiture

 Check out our photography website: bblackburnphotography.com

Event Services



Interested in our Other Services?